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Really Garlicky La Mancha Mauve - AVAILABLE NOW!

Really Garlicky La Mancha Mauve - AVAILABLE NOW!



The newest addition to the Really Garlicky range of garlic.  From the La Mancha region of Spain, made famous by the adventures of Don Quixote.  Chosen for its large cloves and pungent flavour, making it ideal for roasting. This garlic is the same variety as our Patagonian Purple (Castano).

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Really Garlicky Patagonian Purple - COMING SOON!

Really Garlicky Patagonian Purple - COMING SOON!


REALLY GARLICKY APPROVED                               SOLD IN A NET OF 3 BULBS
Grown for us in the depths of Patagonia, this Southern hemisphere garlic is harvested in December. Chosen for its similar qualities to our own Scottish Hardneck Porcelain garlic, it is the ideal alternative while waiting for our own harvest in July


FREE delivery on orders over £35!




Our Scottish grown Hardneck Porcelain Seed Garlic is suitable for Autumn planting.    The varietal name is 'Doocot'.   Each bulb has approx 5 large cloves

Planting October/November.   Harvest in July.     Planting instructions will be posted with your order.     Price is per bulb.


Scottish Garlic Bulbs - SOLD OUT

Scottish Garlic Bulbs - SOLD OUT


Grown in the Highlands of Scotland on our farm near Nairn, where the days are long and the rain is soft, discover our hidden treasure with an intense sweet garlicky flavour and plump cloves that are easy to peel and ideal for roasting.   It is a Hardneck Porcelain Garlic, variety name 'Doocot'.   Sold in a Net of 3 Dried Bulbs.

FREE delivery on orders over £35!

Really Garlicky Green Garlic -  SOLD OUT

Really Garlicky Green Garlic - SOLD OUT


Available from late July until mid August, this is when the garlic flavour is at its best, a sweet and pure garlic flavour. We have been known to have a whole bulb diced and mixed with butter spread on a piece of toast then grilled.
Green garlic is a fresh product so just like a salad onion it doesn't want to be left in a storage jar for ages. Better to keep cool and dry, eat within 1 to 2 weeks. SOLD IN BUNCHES OF 3 BULBS



Scottish Garlic Scapes - SOLD OUT!

Scottish Garlic Scapes - SOLD OUT!


Deliciously tender and providing a delightfully subtle garlic flavour, Garlic Scapes are the edible curly tops of our Scottish Hardneck garlic. Garlic Scapes are well suited to a variety of dishes such as stir fries, soups, salads or just simply as a vegetable or garnish.
Sadly the season for Scapes is short and only for a few weeks in June, but they freeze well if chopped first, they can then be added to pasta dishes and mashed potatoes all year round.

£2.50 for 250g

    Highlands and Islands Food and Drink Winner 2008    Quality Food Award Winner 2008     Great Taste Gold Award Winner    Waitrose Made in Britain Award Winner    

Award Winning ...
  Runner up in Scottish Rural Awards Artisan Food Category 2018 Quality Food Awards ‘Local Category’ Winner 2008 with Eazy Garlic Winn ... more

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